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New creative space, The Legacy Building, holds its grand opening on Juneteenth

The concept for The Legacy Building is grounded in building regenerative wealth - the idea of making money while simultaneously making the world better for others.

Fancy and Envy, members of the local Minneapolis R&B band Illism, shared how their personal journeys growing up as Black artists in the community influenced the vision of the Legacy Building.

“Really the space we created is with black folks in mind, there's a lot of spaces that aren't really welcoming,” said Envy.

“We are creatives ourselves - we’re musicians,” said Fancy. “So a lot of our journey has been about doing a lot of things for ourselves - whether it be taking pictures, shooting music videos, creating websites - we kind of had to learn all of those different processes in order to move our music career forward. And now that we have acquired a lot of skills from that, we have this space that we now have to offer, where we can continue to generate revenue for ourselves. But it's also a space that people can utilize [so] that they don't feel like they have to go all over the place to find certain things that can help move their careers forward, whatever that looks like, whether you're in music or journalism, or you sell stuff—photography, I mean, we're all creatives in some sort of way. We call it the legacy building because it's about creating your legacy.”

Fancy and Envy say they intend to navigate equity in accessing the Legacy Building by personalizing budget plans.

“Sometimes it's not easy to pay everything upfront. We're able to accommodate all types of budgets,” said Envy.

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