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JXTA's new campus delayed but still on track

The new JXTA campus was originally scheduled to open in August, but now is set to be completed by the end of this year with a grand opening in Spring 2023.

JXTA has raised 92% of its 14 million dollar campaign goal. The bulk of that money has been institutional and community giving.

JXTA was founded in 1995 to teach young people business skills to turn their creative talents into money-making careers.

Managing Director, Gabrielle Grier The new facilities will allow students to not just design but create products for market.

“For us, that looks like having a campus that's composed of six different labs that range everywhere from graphic design to architectural and urban planning... To contemporary art and pottery and to tactical, like community organizing and activism,” said Managing Director, Gabrielle Grier. “A part of that work is ensuring that there is space to do that so we're going from owning a couple buildings and leasing another building, to being on in the corner block which will be composed of a headquarters, a community gathering space and an archive and library.”

The campus will be located in the epicenter of North Minneapolis at the corner of West Broadway and Emerson. Grier says the campus will serve as a space for people to convene in a centralized and connected way.

“There will be a green space - the only green space on West Broadway! I see it as a way for us to reclaim our ability to simply leisure. To be connected and to have space where folks feel like they belong, because it belongs to them,” said Grier.

Young people interested in using the space can start by enrolling in the Visual Arts Literacy Training program, called “V.A.L.T.” Grier says community members are always welcome to visit the JXTA gallery.

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