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Minneapolis looks to sell two plots of land to Red Lake Nation

Red Lake Nation Director of Children and Family Services speaks at a press conference announcing the plan to purchase two plots of land from Minneapolis (Via City of Minneapolis)

The City of Minneapolis is moving forward on selling two plots of land to the Red Lake Nation to be used for the creation of a community garden and a healing center.

The two plots in the Longfellow neighborhood will be sold to Red Lake for $1 each once the city council approves the sale in October.

‘This is the city of Minneapolis, this is our native community coming together to rally around a common cause, and that common cause is helping our people. Making sure that people who suffer from opioid addiction, from fentanyl, don’t have to suffer forever,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said.

The healing center is aimed at reducing drug overdoses and providing food, showers and other services for unhoused residents. Director of Children and Family Services Director Cheri Goodwin said that this more “culturally-informed” approach seeks to address disparities caused by historic colonial attitudes.

Red Lake Nation Elder Darrel G. Seki, Sr. said that the tribe is looking to expand the use of the lots in the future, for everything from affordable housing to a treatment center. He said that once renovations on an existing building on the plot are complete, Red Lake will look to offer expanded services.

‘It’s all for the people, it's all for Anishinaabe, all for Red Lake, [and] this is just the beginning. This is progress for our people,” Seki said.

If the sale is finalized, Red Lake Nation is prepared to spend around $900,000 for the renovation of the existing building, and expects that to be completed by November.

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