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The Prestigious Professional empowers BIPOC job seekers

Updated: Apr 17

Jacqueline Rambin - aka “Coach Jackie” - created “The Prestigious Professional” to battle unemployment, economic security, and discrimination within the workplace - problems that were only magnified after the murder of George Floyd and the ongoing pandemic.

“Professionals of color are not being heard. They’re overworked, not being promoted fairly and sometimes they have [been] consumed with the identity of their job just to get a paycheck,” she said.

According to CivicScience, national job satisfaction has reached the lowest point on record since 2015, when it began tracking. Many workers are leaving to find higher-paying and more flexible jobs, while others are eager to leave spaces littered with microaggressions.

Jackie is a community partner with the Minnesota Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services where she leads employment assistance programs in counties across the state, specifically working with people of color. She’s noticed that many people she works with are in transitional phases.

“I look at rejection as redirection,” Jackie explained. “So when somebody rejects you for a career opportunity, that pretty much just means that opportunity was not for you. And there's something out there that's waiting for you to align with it. I'm also, you know, just seeing people in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck; there's no real freedom that comes with employment, besides the routine of getting up, going to work, taking care of your family, right. And so we are stuck in a cycle of thinking what else is out there for us, that would allow for us to go to that next level. Because when you stop focusing on just chasing the money, and focus on the cause, an opportunity that brings you value is more rewarding.”

Coach Jackie wants to use her role as an employment counselor to help people to get in alignment with their purpose, or passions because she believes this is the right path to build generational wealth in their careers.

“And that's where I come in at,” she said, “because I was once unemployed. I was once somebody in that cycle. I want us to all be there because that's how we accumulate and build the wealth and have the freedom that we're looking for.”

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