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Vigil remembers Jayland Walker

Updated: Apr 17

At George Floyd Square, Rosemary Nevill Williams urged the crowd to remember Jayland Walker.

“We have to step up just like we did for George Floyd, we're not gonna take it, it’s not our right,” Williams said to the gathered protesters. “We're not gonna run away. We're gonna keep fighting, we have no choice because they keep killing us for no reason at all. We're not stopping. It’s not over.”

Williams lost her son to gun violence in 2018. She says she felt compelled to do something after hearing about Jayland’s passing.

“I understand, and I say that because my son was killed five years ago on his way to work,” said Williams. “So as a mother that has grieved, and is still grieving from time to time, I shed tears with them.”

Williams says George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis sparked a nationwide racial reckoning. She and others want to keep that spark alive; they are planning a trip to Ohio to stand in solidarity with the community.

“We just let the people know that we support them - that even though they're not talking about it in the media, we're talking about him. we're not gonna let his death be in vain,” she said.

Williams says people need to keep saying Jayland’s name; that’s why she continues to do this work.

“It’s really for our youth coming up - my grandsons, my granddaughters. That’s why I am still out here - for the village children, so they have a better life and they can be properly educated instead of killed and incarcerated,” she said.

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