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Jasmine Yvonne

Radio Host

Jasmine is a dynamic storyteller and public speaker from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, rooted in the exploration of social intersections in desire to amplify collective shifts of perspective through the mediums of radio and journalism. 

Jasmine went from being a high school drop-out to public speaker, journalist, and radio host -- and if you ask her, she'll say that aside from the hard work, it was due to the conversations she found herself in interpersonally, on YouTube, and from talking to strangers. 

Jasmine is a firm believer that education persists beyond the four walls of a classroom, and that it is rich in the stories in which we all hold and share. She believes that education is where attention is paid and time is spent. Her favorite saying is, "I Am What You Say I Am. Until I'm Not." With the intention that we are all able to reclaim our narrative, at any given moment.

Jasmine Yvonne
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