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FLOW Northside Art Crawl returns for its 16th Year

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

FLOW’S Curator Kenna Cottman says the event is getting back to its original format after two years of Covid.

“Now we are able to return to the true vibe of an arts crawl, where there’s not one place to go - it's many places and many options and many things happening concurrently and overlapping.”

Kenna says there will be many different anchor sites along West Broadway and satellite locations throughout the Northside, and that they will all be activated artistically in different ways.

“UROC is a beautiful arts hub, we have the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery that’s on Plymouth, we got Homewood Studios on Plymouth and then we have the Northside Epicenter over in Camden and then we also have North Market and the Get Down coffee shop over in Camden,” Kenna said. “So they’re spread out around North as well as on Broadway.”

Kenna is happy to see artists coming together to showcase the Northside.

“I get so excited when I talk about and when I think about all the artists and the people and the sites and the places and the different experiences that really happen year round, but during FLOW we really get to highlight what we do over in North.”

Kenna is still healing from father Bill Cottman’s recent passing, but is getting support and help from the community while curating FLOW for the second year.

”So the community has been really wrapping around me with a lot of support. So when I’m doing Flow it is work, but at the same time this is part of my cultural arts.”

FLOW Northside Arts Crawl starts Thursday July 28 and runs through Saturday July 30 in North Minneapolis. Visit for the entire FLOW lineup.

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