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The Minneapolis Central Craft Club holds donation drive for unhoused people

A photo of a project that will be donated to the drive for the unhoused (Elijah Todd-Walden/Center for Broadcast Journalism)

As the summer months wind to end, Minnesotans are being reminded of the blistering cold to come. In an effort to reduce the brunt of the cold, the Minneapolis Central Craft Club is inviting volunteers to help make scarves, mittens and hats for unhoused people.

The club is held at the Minneapolis Central Library, and run by librarians Kelly Wavrin, Beth Breiter and Amanda Gustafson. The program offers in-person meetings where free supplies like knitting needles, wool yarn and crochet hooks are available to use.

“This is our second year back with in-person programming, and it's been very well received. I was just looking back at some of our statistics from it, and we would get donated, like, 70 different items [that] people would make,” Breiter said.

Brieter mentioned that unhoused people might not have access to cold water or flat surfaces to dry wood goods, so the club is mindful of what it supplies. For example, the library provides wool yarn instead of acrylic.

The club is free and open to anyone ages 18 and up, and does not require a sign-up. Members meet every Sunday at noon to 2 p.m. at the Minneapolis Central Library. More information on the club can be found on the Hennepin County Library Website.

“Craft Club is fantastic. It's my favorite part of the week. I love meeting all the people and people coming together,” Breiter said. “You know all sorts of people that just like to craft, and they need to enter and have fun and be creative and let the materials inspire them.”

The club is also holding a donation drive for store bought and hand-me-down accessories for the winter.

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